Q. How do I qualify to receive treatment?
A. Your treating physician will determine if physical or occupational therapy is appropriate for your condition. You must be referred by your treating physician.

Q. How long will my treatment session last?
A. A treatment session lasts on average 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Q. How many times per week will I be scheduled for treatment?
A. Generally 2 to 3 times per week and the total number of visits will be determined based on your physicians direction.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. You need to bring a copy of your script, your insurance cards, an any other information pertinent to our condition.

Q. What should I wear to my treatment session?
A. Something comfortable and non-binding. If a certain type of clothing is needed, for example: gym shorts, you will be notified of that during your first visit and evaluation.

Q. How quickly will I recover and/or will I respond to treatment?
A. Progression depends on the individual, but the most positive outcomes of course come from patients who attend scheduled treatment sessions and follow recommended exercises.

Q. Is my therapist qualified?
A. Our facilities employee only the most qualified therapists. Our therapists are board certified.

Q. Will I get handouts or other instructions on how to continue my therapy at home?
A. Yes, you will receive detailed handouts explaining any exercises that you will be encouraged to do at home as part of the recovery process.

Q. May I call my therapist to ask questions at times other than my scheduled appointment?
A. Of course, our patients are encouraged to call our facility any time to speak to their treating therapist. If the therapist is busy with a patient he/she will call you back the same day.

Q. Do you take MVA’s?
A. Yes, we do accept MVA’s but the patient is responsible for charges incurred that are not covered under any vehicle insurance or settlement.

Q. Is your clinic part of my health care network?
A. We are members of many networks. To find out if we are a member of your network, call your local benefits department or contact our Patient Accounts Manager at (870) 612-7200.

Q. How much will my insurance pay?
A. Insurance companies do not guarantee payment, but our Patient Accounts Manager can verify your benefits prior to treatment.

Q. Do I have to pay my balance in full upon treatment?
A. No, Any insurance coverage that you have will be verified and billed. If your insurance does not cover your charges in full, you will receive a statement in the mail for your remaining balance. Balances are due upon receipt unless other arrangements are made. The Patient Accounts Manager will assist in this process.