Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a direct form of professional patient care that can be applied in most disciplines of medicine. It provides a hands-on component which can partner with physicians who have medical expertise in many different fields.

The Main Objectives of Physical Therapy are:

  • Prevention of disability and pain
  • Restoration of function and relief from pain
  • Promotion of healing
  • Adaptation to permanent disability

Physical Therapy is a vital part of the total care of patients who have problems of temporary or permanent disability. The Physical Therapist selects appropriate tests to evaluation and quantitatively measure the patientís problem. Then, in consultation with the referring physician, a rehabilitation plan is developed.

The Physical Therapist uses modalities and procedures to expedite healing and instructs the patient in a home program. There may be follow-up visits for re-evaluation and update of the home exercise program.

Physical Therapyís Ultimate Goal is for the patient to achieve freedom of pain, independent living, and understanding of how to prevent re-injury.